Tired of the unhealthy food obessions and binges?

Take back the power that food has over you, and get a handle on your eating with the practical workbook:


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The 42-page practical workbook will help you finally understand why your eating is out of control and how to make healthy eating an easy part of your life.

Without diet food.

Without calorie counting.

Without the food drama and obsessions.


What people are saying…

 “This guide is so helpful with real-life practical tips that I can actually stick to!" Dee H

“The workbook is packed with practical exercises that really made me think differently about food. Life-changing!” Sienna A

“Seriously this should be 3 x the price for the value you get in this book. My copy is well-worn with me constantly going back to refer to it. So refreshing to have such hands-on advice that makes sense and works in my life!” Tina P

Please note that with any wellness or health program, your results may vary from these customers, based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal health and a host of other factors. However, we believe that this workbook will provide a great toolkit to achieve your desired results.


For Just $47, You'll Get

  • 42-page workbook packed with exercises, tips, and practical tools
  • 8 chapters covering everything from getting a handle on dieting thinking and emotional eating to how to tune into your hunger and fullness and mindful habits (plus everything in between!)
  • Work at your own pace and download the workbook forever, so you can keep referring back when you need.

Get it now, if you’re ready to say goodbye to your food drama forever

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