Make 2021 a year to remember!

This free workbook will help you:

  • Take back control and live with intention.
  • Figure out where you need to focus attention.
  • Create meaningful goals that you'll stick with!
Taryn in blue dress

About Taryn...

As a trained dietician and certified life coach, plus someone who’s been exactly where you are now and found a way to lose weight and keep it off for good, I know I can help you get there too.   

I’ve worked as a dietician and health coach in both public hospitals, private coaching, gyms, and large corporations. As a certified life coach, I’m able to combine my nutrition knowledge with human behavior psychology, taking it to the next level, going beneath the surface of just diet and exercise to the deeper emotional underbelly where many of our eating issues lie. This is something a diet will not do.

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